Medical claims can be rejected for a variety "\n" of reasons. However, you can avoid these rejections by initially disclosing your medical history, including smoking and other risk-attracting habits. If done right, there shouldn't be an issue with a claim. Here are some other reasons that could lead to health claim rejections: 1. Policy Renewal: You cannot claim on an expired policy, so make sure your premiums are paid on time. Furthermore, you can also lose out on your no claim bonus by delaying premium payments. 2. Pre-existing Illnesses: Plans usually don't cover pre-existing diseases right after purchase. Though, IRDAI has a standardized definition to eliminate the chances of this happening. Usually, pre-existing conditions are covered after a certain waiting period. 3. Permanent Exclusions: Several diseases, treatments, and expenses are permanently not covered under all health policies, and knowing this could help you appropriately filing a claim. 4. Limits on Treatments: Health insurance policies usually have a defined amount that can be spent on treatment costs and room rent. Any amount more than the amount mutually agreed on will not be paid. 5. Incorrectly Filled Claim Form: Make sure to fill your claim form without mistakes, as it is a factor on which rejections take place.

10 August 2020