Step 1: Give the Health Card to Insurance Department in the Hospital. Step 2: Give an intimation to the Insurance Company on their Toll-free number, get the claim number, and give it to the hospital's insurance department. Step 3: Pre-authorization request to be sent to the Insurance Company/TPA by Hospital. Step 4: Follow up with the hospital to find out whether they received the authorization. Initially, an authorization will be granted only for a partial amount. This acts as evidence that the claim is accepted. When a discharge is advised, follow-up with the hospital to send Discharge Summary, Final Bill, all investigation reports to the Insurance Company/TPA. Only after receiving all the documents will the final approval be given. Then you will be able to receive the final authorization amount in a couple of hours. In case there is a difference between the actual and authorized amount, the difference can be reimbursed if payable. If you are a hospital looking to streamline your Claims Management process, write to us at and reach out to you.

20 November 2021