Every Insurance Company/TPA has its procedure for processing claims. When it comes to filing a Health Insurance Claim, Hospitals must follow all the guidelines and disclose all the necessary details and documents to the Insurance Companies/TPA. The Documents required are: 1. The Primary/Insured Details (Health ID card, KYC documents), etc. 2. The Diagnosis Reports. 3. Patient's Medical History. 4. Doctor's Prescriptions. 5. OT Notes. 6. Tests/Investigations. 7. Duty Doctor's/Visiting Doctor's Notes. 8. Estimated Expenses. Once the hospital has filed the claim, it then coordinates with the Insurance Company/TPA to get the claim processed. Suppose any additional details are required, or the Insurance Company/TPA raises a query. In that case, the hospital will resolve them within the timeframe and revert to the company. Get a call back from our sales team to understand the product.

19 October 2021